P+R parking

P+R (park and ride) parking lots are located on the outskirts of Prague right next to public transport.

Motorists park here and continue to the city centre using public transport. At this time, P+R parking lots are located in: Skalka 1, 2; Zličín 1, 2; Nové Butovice; Kotlářka; Písnice; Švehlova; Chodov; Ládví; Letňany; Rajská zahrada; Černý Most 1, 2; Nádraží Holešovice; and Depo Hostivař. Other P+R parking lots – Radotín and Běchovice – are connected to trains. More information about the possibilities of using P+R parking lots can be found on the TSK Prague website.

K+R short-term parking

K+R (kiss and ride) short-term parking lots are located by some metro and railway stations. They allow drivers to drop people off and picked them up at public transport stops and stations. They cannot be used for long-term parking (see Ropid).

Commercial monitored parking lots and garages

Commercial monitored parking lots and garages tend to be located near major thoroughfares and public transport routes and in shopping centres and localities with heavy traffic (e.g., near Václav Havel airport). Parking in them is possible for a fee and according to specific rules, which are set by the respective commercial entity. Some commercial parking lots offer the option to book a space in advance. Information about commercial parking lots can be find on the map of commercial parking lots in Prague.


Each registered carsharing user can make use of the website mapa.ceskycarsharing.cz (or the operator’s app) to find and reserve a vehicle anywhere in Prague. While the car is being used by a client, it is not permitted to park in blue and purple zones. This option is reactivated at the moment the reservation ends, at which point it again appears on the mentioned map or app for the next user to find and reserve.