Vertical traffic sign

Full set

Parking lot with parking meter IP 13c

Supplementary sign E13

Information about operating hours, parking permit requirements, parking regimes and number of the district that the section is a part of.

Supplementary sign E13

Number of the section that needs to be entered in the Virtual Parking Meter (VPM) app.

Parking permit

Parking in the orange is possible after paying the parking fee via a parking meter or the Virtual Parking Meter web app (

Parking meters

Information about parking fees and how to initiate the parking programme is displayed on each parking meter. Detailed information on how to operate a parking meter can be found in the Instructions on How to Use a Parking Meter.

Parking fees

The new PPZ system makes it possible for parking fees to be adjusted dynamically (depending on when the traffic in the given area is the busiest).

Detailed information about paid parking zones in each Prague city district