Vertical traffic signs

Full set

Information sign IP12

Supplementary sign E13

Information about operating hours, parking permit requirements, parking regimes and number of the district that the section is a part of.

Supplementary sign E13

Number of the section that needs to be entered in the Virtual Parking Meter (VPM) app.

Operating hours

The basic parking zone hours are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., but can change depending on the needs of each locality and city district. Parking in the blue zone is not regulated outside the basic parking zone hours.

Parking permit

Parking in the blue zone is permitted based on a parking permit. A parking permit can be obtained at the Parking Permit Office for the respective city district. Parking permit checks take place automatically via a monitoring system that utilises vehicle plate numbers.

In some city districts (currently Prague 5 and Prague 8), “Minor Parking Districts” have been implemented. Parking permits for minor parking districts are cheaper than parking permits for the entire city district.

Parking meters

You will not encounter any parking meters in Prague’s blue zones.

Virtual Parking Meter (VPM)

The Virtual Parking Meter app ( allows motorists to pay for short-term visitor parking without the need to use a parking meter. In blue zones, VPM is the only payment option for visitors. Detailed information can be found in the  VPM manual.

Detailed information about paid parking zones in each Prague city district