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Virtual parking meters


Mobile apps for park..


Parking sections


Residents parking

The blue zone is designated for resident parking for people holding valid parking permits. Other motorists can park here for a limited period of time…Blue zone >

Mixed parking

The purple zone can be used by holders of valid parking permits and by other drivers upon payment of the parking fee…
Purple zone >

Visitors parking

The orange zone is designated for short-term parking and can be used for a limited period of time upon paying the parking fee…Orange zone >

P+R, Carsharing & other

P+R parking lots are located on the outskirts of the city and can be used by all motorists based on valid terms and conditions…Alternatives to zones >

Parking in Prague

The map contains – depending on the scale and data selected by the user – information about paid parking zones (PPZs) managed by the company Technická správa komunikací hl. m. Prahy, a.s. and information about commercial parking lots. Here you can find detailed information about the various parking sections and how to search for them, payment options and navigation, links to websites with additional information about traffic and further developments.

Parking zones in Prague – information for visitors

Payments for short-term visitor parking in PPZs can be carried out via the Virtual Parking Meter  (VPM) app if no parking meter is available.

Detailed information about paid parking zones in each district of Prague


In this section you can find (instructions, forms, methodologies, price lists…)

Prague City Ordinance No. 13/2022 Coll.

Defining the areas of the capital city of Prague where the local streets or designated sections of which can be used for a fee agreed in line with pricing regulations.

Principles for establishing paid parking zones in the Capital City of Prague

This document sets out the main principles for establishing paid parking zones in the City of Prague.